“Never cut what you can untie.”

Joseph Joubert

Resolving conflict through business mediation is a great way to protect and preserve business relationships but also the business itself.

Business Mediation ( or Wirtschaftsmediation in German) is a voluntary procedure during which two parties hire a mediator to help them work out a solution (that will be bonus if they also happen to be a qualified business consultant like me!)

What can you expect when hiring a business mediator for commercial conflict resolution?

Your business mediator is
impartial (no personal beliefs or experiences influence the mediator’s behaviour and professionalism),
neutral, and
does not advise the parties,
nor does she/he provide the solution to them.

The mediator facilitates the business negotiations and makes sure the parties have equal opportunities in the process.
Every information that has been made known to the mediator and the parties during the mediation is confidential and cannot be shared with third parties, even after the mediation is over.
The process of mediation can be discontinued at any point from everyone taking part in it (the parties and the mediator). If it is successful, it ends with a binding written agreement between the parties.

Business mediation services for business owners and entrepreneurs

I offer business (commercial) mediation in the following scenarios:


Having a co-founder is like having a spouse. In fact, you might be spending more time talking to your business partner than you do to your romantic one.
Running a business in Austria is not easy, nor is it simple, even between the best partners.
As I am sure you know, conflict is are inevitable and not necessarily a bad thing. I look at conflicts as opportunities to grow. In order to do that, you have to make sure neither of you has made a compromise and the resolution is mutually beneficial.

Often, things work themselves out on their own.
But for all the other times, you and your partner may feel stuck and need some help to move forward. And this is when you hire a business mediator like me to help you. My Business Mediation service is designed to preserve your relationship, and also grow and generate solutions for your business that were previously unimaginable for either of you.

Examples where business mediation helps with conflict between cofounders: changing the direction of the company, resources distribution, lost trust, roles division, strategic differences.


Partnerships with other businesses and contractors are part of the daily routine of many business owners in Austria.
Unfortunately sometimes even years-long fruitful business relationships reach a potential breaking point. For these occasions, mediation can do wonders for you and your contractual partners. Not only it can help you restore lost trust but generate new business opportunities.

Examples when to hire a business mediator for conflict resolution between contracting parties: breach of contract, renewing a contract, argument about the execution or the content of a contract.

We’re ready to hire a business mediator to resolve a business conflict –
how does it work?

  • After you contact me and befriely describle what the issue is, we will schedule a first joint meeting where you, your partner, and I will all sign the mediation agreement. Already then during that first meeting, each of you will tell me their your side of the story and why they feel they need help resolving the situation.
  • The joint meeting is followed by individual appointments with each party.
  • Lastly, another joint meeting when hopefully, we will come to a solution for your situation.

Not every business mediation follows this schedule although most do. I will adapt the process to your needs and according to the ongoing dynamic.

My rate for business conflict resolution is EUR 250,00 an hour.
It is customary that the parties split the expenses equally but you can decide otherwise and figure out your own arrangement.

What will business mediation for conflict resolution cost?

My rate is EUR 250,00 an hour. It is customary that the parties split the expenses in half but you can decide otherwise and figure out your own arrangement.


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